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How Blogging Can Help YOU Succeed

Yesterday, a guest speaker presented in my COMM 3163 (Industry Research Methods) class. He was a representative from Fahlgren Mortine. He gave a presentation about his job, his research and offered a few helpful tips for students entering the work force.

One of the things he said really stuck with me. He told us that, as a communication professional, writing is a critical skill that employers look for. He specifically mentioned blogging as a way to stand out in a group of interviewees. This got me thinking, how can blogging truly help you succeed? And, perhaps even land you a job?

I read a great article on Start-Up Resources, outlining a few ways that blogging can seriously help your business. I also participated in a Twitter Chat last week, discussing successful blogging techniques. The Twitter Chat is under the hashtag #AskAngel. The premise of the chat is to ask Angelique (a professional in blogging, social media, marketing communications, etc.) anything. Some of the people involved in the chat offered some great insight on blogging! I pulled a few key takeaways from the author of the article on Start-Up, the Twitter Chat and came up with some of my own to compile this handy list of successful blogging techniques.

1. Add fresh, quality content to your blog on a regular basis. You can do this by writing posts, something that search engines love. This has the potential to move your post closer to the top of a Google search for example.

Plus, no one wants to read the same old blog posts over and over. Stay relevant.

2. That being said, make sure that links within your blog are also relevant. If you are posting a link to an article that was written more than a year ago, make sure you have a valid reason. In the age of constant communication, news becomes old very quickly.

3. Purchase the dot com! I have not done this, and I probably should. But alannatoney.com looks a ton more professional than alannatoney.wordpress.com

4. Stay consistent with the topics on your blog, but do not post the same thing over and over. If your blog is about communication in society and quiet times with Jesus (like mine), stick with that. Blogs that are all over the place tend to lose readers and subscribers. People want to read relevant content.

As you can see, staying relevant is a pretty important part of blogging.

5. Pay special attention to the picture that Facebook and other social media sites will pick up when you post a link to your blog. Thank you, Angelique, for pointing this out!


Twitter Chat #AskAngel

6. Headlines are important. A professor in the communications department  at Ohio State pointed this out to me, prompting me to go back and change some of the headlines of my previous posts. Give your readers a sneak peek!

What do you think? What would you add to this list?

A Life of Communication

Don’t Discount the Power of a Twitter Chat

If you are visiting this blog looking for posts about my Quiet Times… scroll down! If you want to read about my communications class…. read this wonderful post!

Last week, one of my communications classes participated in a Twitter Chat. If you’ve never heard of this before, it is pretty simple. A Twitter Chat is an interactive conversation, using a hashtag to link everyone together at a certain time. Our class used #COMM3334 to tie all our comments together.

Our class hosted two professionals, Rob Lovell and Katie Taybus. Katie works in communications for Ohio Broadcasters and Rob works in Marketing for Bath and Body Works. They both talked about their work history, sharing what they learned from each job they held. I found the information very useful, considering I am a senior in college getting ready to enter the work force.

Some highlights from their presentation and our Twitter Chat:


Networking is very important in both the communications and marketing field. Who you know can sometimes play a vital role in how well you perform in a job. Also, keeping established relationships is important for growth within a company.

2. Provide customers with what they want to see and hear.

Katie used Ohio Broadcasters as an example. She helped her company use the hashtag #TBT (Throwback Thursday) to engage customers in a conversation that is already trending.

3. Don’t forget about LinkedIn.

Using LinkedIn is a professional way to establish yourself on Social Media. Keep your profile updated and make connections! Today’s society is ONLINE. It is silly to think that a possible employer will not “Google” your name before hiring you. Make sure your internet presence positively reflects you. You never know what companies may be checking your resume online.

Check out this great article about how to create a stellar LinkedIn profile!

4. Be curious.

Ask questions if you have them! It is better to ask a question than to turn in a Press Release, etc. with incorrect content. Also, don’t be surprised when you receive criticism when you begin a new job… take it constructively!


Think about what messages you are sending to consumers.

Here is an awesome article about how to participate in a Tweet Chat!

Here is a screen shot of some of the Tweets from our #COMM3334 hashtag.

Screen shot 2013-10-18 at 12.07.52 PM

What do you think about these points?