Quiet Times

Beloved, You Only Need Me

This morning, as I spent time with Jesus, the lyrics of a song caught my attention.

“Beloved, listen to me. Don’t believe all that you see. And don’t you ever let anyone tell you that there’s anything that you need but me.” (Source)

2013 was a year marked with many changes in my life. I started my senior year of college at The Ohio State University. After dating the same guy for 3.5 years, we broke up. I began the last days of living in the Treehouse (A Young Life house) with my eight beautiful housemates.

Treehouse Girls

Treehouse Girls: Some of my crazy roommates!

My father stopped drinking (GO DAD!). I started working with The PRactice as an Account Associate in public relations. I turned 21 and discovered the good ole’ Bier Stube. After three years, I stopped nannying the two most precious boys when their family moved. I started dating again. I discovered what true friendship and accountability mean. I started this blog. I watched my parents rediscover love. I met some great new friends. And finally, I fell in love with My Lord all over again.

I have spent the last few days reminiscing about 2013, coming to a single conclusion. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. 

In Mark 4, Jesus takes the disciples (his close friends) on a boat to escape the crowds that had been following him. Sometime during their trip a storm begins to threaten the lives of the disciples and shipwreck their boat. In an instant, Jesus calms the storm and saves his friends. Last year my parents threatened divorce, but the Lord answered prayers; they are learning to love  again. Today I am reminded that Christ fulfills his promises. I believe that Jesus was the same when he calmed the storm 2,000 years ago. I believe that Jesus was the same in 2013, when he calmed the storms in my life. I believe that Jesus is the same today. And, I am confident that Jesus will remain the same tomorrow and forever.

In 2014 I am looking forward to: cruising the caribbean with my friends, graduating from college, finding a job, moving to a new place, falling in love (maybe I already have!), discovering new places, trying new drinks, meeting new friends, keeping old friends, speaking Italian, sharing Jesus with my family, continuing to lead Young Life and growing closer with my Savior.

He calls me His Beloved; He really is all that I need.


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