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Finally, a Brand That is About More Than Just Profits.

I am really excited to talk about this. I was watching the news this morning and an anchor mentioned the new TOMS Marketplace. I love my TOMS shoes, so the mention of the brand grabbed my attention immediately. This may be the best PR I have seen this year!

TOMS has launched this online marketplace to showcase other socially conscious brands. TOMS is famous for their buy-one-give-one line of shoes and sunglasses. The new online marketplace features other brands and companies who are using their products to benefit others. The idea of the marketplace is to provide a one-stop shop for consumers to purchase goods that benefit the world.

What is unique is that the TOMS Marketplace is NOT about TOMS. The website features many different products and brands. Each product that can be purchased by the consumer gives back to the world in a different way. For example, some brands support education, fight hunger or fund reforestation.

TOMS is represented by Turner PR. According to the website, the PR team was brought on to help the brand get recognition on a global scale. This new marketplace will bring a ton of press coverage to the brand! Its a sneaky way to get your brand talked about without a bunch of meaningless advertising that consumers don’t pay attention to.

As a PR student, I looked up TOMS press releases. Believe it or not, what we are learning in class in actually useful in the real world! Check out this public relations plan for TOMS. The plan even includes a SWOT analysis. The campaigns class I am taking is actually going to come in handy!


Gray Canvas Toms

And yes, I LOVE my TOMS. I get mine from the children’s section, which saves me some money and they fit better!

What do you think? Is this new marketplace a genius plan for TOMS? Or, do you believe that it could hurt TOMS?


4 thoughts on “Finally, a Brand That is About More Than Just Profits.

  1. Gabrielle Bicknell says:

    I don’t think that it will hurt TOMS at all! If anything, I think it will better their brand. I think the more coverage that they can get, the better. I personally do not have a pair of TOMS but I think that what they do is awesome. Maybe someday I will purchase a pair!

  2. jbo77 says:

    Thanks for sharing their pr plan. I always like to see the things we are learning about and doing in class being used in the real world. TOMS is a great company with an amazing vision to help others. I think everything you mentioned in this post can only be beneficial to the company.

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  4. I don’t think this new strategy will hurt Toms at all. In my opinion, one reason the company has been so successful is because they have made it easy for anyone to help out the less fortunate even if they don’t realize it. I am always interested in learning about other companies who are taking the same approach so I think this will definitely benefit the brand.

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