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Social Media is Changing the Job Search Game

Do you monitor your social media sites for appropriate content? If not, you may want to start.

According to Buzzfeed, your job search after graduation could look like this.

Social media has undoubtedly changed our environment in the past few years, but what we may fail to recognize is how social media has changed the job search process. Employers can no longer rely on only face-to-face communication with potential employees. Employers must think on a global level and understand a few key concepts about social media.

As I head in to my final semester of college, I begin to face the reality that I need to start job hunting. As I began the process I came across some interesting information about social media communication and building a career. Here are a few key points from my research:

1. Social media allows companies to create potential job opportunities.

Think your communication degree is pointless? Think again. Many companies all over the world are hiring positions JUST for running the organization’s social media. Be creative! The best advice I have received from a professional working in the PR industry is, “If you think that a company is missing something, point it out and create your own job!” From personal experience, I know this has worked. Don’t be afraid to tell your boss (politely) that your company could use a little website refresh and updated Twitter content. Who knows, maybe you could land yourself a brand new position!

2. Social media brings people together who may have never connected before!

This is a big one! Want to work for a company? Tweet at them! You will be surprised at how positively the organization responds, specially if you are a strategic communications major. Just a few weeks ago I tweeted at a PR agency in South Carolina. Check out how they responded!

Screen shot 2013-10-23 at 4.58.16 PM

Following their response, I sent my resume and cover letter!

3. Social media allows future employers to check out their potential employees.

The best part of social media is that it is open to everyone. The worst part of social media is that it is open to everyone. Companies now have full time employees who are hired to check a potential employee’s social media presence. If you and another candidate are equally qualified for a position, but your profile picture is you chugging a beer… who do you think the company would hire? Think before you post. Here is a great article from Huffington Post about employers checking Facebook before hiring.

4. Social media can tell a potential employer a lot about your personality. 

We all have that friend who constantly complains on Facebook and Twitter. We also all have the friend who posts 43348738574938 pictures of themselves. Be conscientious about how you are branding yourself via social media. Save the rants for your close friends. Trust me, your employer will think much higher of you if you are professional and approachable.

What have you guys found about social media as it relates to the job search?


One thought on “Social Media is Changing the Job Search Game

  1. Gabrielle Bicknell says:

    Alanna, I think its so awesome how you are putting yourself out there and what do you know – you could have potentially found your future job off of twitter! That is so funny to me. I’ve also never thought about how you can basically make your own job by pointing out where the company can improve- very interesting! With social media being a great place for employers to look at future employees, we’ve got to preset ourselves in a professional way on social media!

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