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The Scarecrow Becomes a Star for Chipotle

I am sure you have all heard about the new viral video from Chipotle. If you havent, check it out. http://youtu.be/lUtnas5ScSE

The video is called “The Scarecrow,” and it features an animated scarecrow discovering the truths about the food industry in America. In my opinion, this is one of Chipotle’s best marketing and PR plans. Not only have they created an eye-opening, intriguing and fascinating animated video… they have created thousands of online impressions and the company is now being tweeted and talked about all over the world.



One of my favorite parts of this campaign is the draw for gamers to download “The Scarecrow” application on their smart phones and tablets. The free app is an arcade style game that allows players to jump into the Scarecrow’s master plan to bring wholesome food back to the people. Although disguised as a fun game, the purpose is to educate players about the world of industrial food production. Check out the company’s press release for more information. I promise, it is an interesting read!

More on the marketing and creative side of things, I really enjoy that the creators chose to use the song “Pure Imagination” for the YouTube video. Adds another fun touch to this campaign!

Mark Crumpacker, chief marketing officer at Chipotle,  said, “In many ways, ‘The Scarecrow,’ represents what we aspire to accomplish through our vision of Food With Integrity. In a system that is so heavily dominated by industrial agriculture and factory farms, we are committed to finding better, more sustainable sources for all of the ingredients we use and to helping build a better food system, much the same as the character in ‘The Scarecrow’ is taking important steps to fix what he perceives as being broken in his world.”

What do you think? Do you like the new campaign?

On another note, while researching about this post I found another interesting article about the PR team at Chipotle. 

I would not be mad if I worked for this company in the future. They seem to have a good reputation and a great PR team!


13 thoughts on “The Scarecrow Becomes a Star for Chipotle

  1. lprice10 says:

    I saw the Chipotle video and I thought it was great! You would have no idea that it was advertising for Chipotle until the end of the video though. The video as a whole was compelling and emotional, truly advocating for better wholesome food education. I didn’t know about the new app though. Fun way to put it into perspective, while still advertising for Chipotle. It’s about more than the burritos!

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  3. I was glad to see you posted about this! I was out to lunch the other day with business students who studied it for class and we all watched it. And that’s what we liked about it, it has people talking and its engaging a more broad, younger audience. The game’s a very smart idea. Interesting press release, I think it will inspire other companies to follow suit with higher standards.

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  5. I had actually heard of the game but not the video. It’s nice to put a narrative to it! The song really reminds me of some movie, I just can’t quiet pot my finger on… any suggestions? PS Imagine winning free Chipotle for 20 years :o!

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