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1. September 18, 2013. Students post: Max Sharp

Max, because I have already read your blog… I just HAVE to comment. First, I think you are hilarious. I appreciate your sense of humor! I agree, I would have left the job if I began working on “Project YOLO” as well!

I was surprised to find out that you were shy in high school! I am glad you came out of your shell :)

Cant wait to see what else you post this semester!


2. September 18, 2013. Student post: Phoebe Cater

First, I love that picture of Taylor Swift. I agree, Taylor and I are one in the same. But really…. I wish I was a millionaire with singing talent. The most impressive thing I can do is make really tasty crock pot meals.

Maybe, if I hire a PR person to run my Twitter I will become instantly famous.


3. September 18, 2013. Student Post: Emily

Emily, this looks so delicious! Very Pinterest-esque! This makes me want to go home and bake right away! Pumpkin Spice is one of my favorite things that the Lord created!

I cant wait to go home and try this recipe! Thanks for sharing!


4. September 25, 2013. Student Post: Mary

Mary, I love reading about your adventures with OUAB. It sounds like such a wonderful experience to have under your belt as you enter the “real world.” Before reading your post, I was not aware of how talented Bill truly was! I love that he slyly provides a little PR as he goes throughout his presentation. On a side note, I would LOVE to go to a roaring twenties themed party. Ever since The Great Gatsby released, those type of parties seem to be all the rage. He did a wonderful job documenting the event!


5. October 9, 2013. Student Post: Othneil

Othneil, I am very excited to read this post. I actually just downloaded this book on my Kindle yesterday. I am only a couple chapters in, but I really like it so far. He definitely is NOT an author. I have a little bit of trouble reading his stuff because its a bit wordy…. almost conversation like. But, I find myself highlighting almost everything. As a Young Life Leader who spends a TON of time in ministry with high schoolers, I have used Jefferson’s videos for club talks and illustrations. He does a great job appealing to the young generation. As long as he stays humble and focused on the word, I will continue to follow him as he follows Christ.

P.S. Pumped to find out that you love Jesus.


6. November 6, 2013. Student Post: David

David, I was thinking about taking this class. I am currently signed up for Public Speaking next semester. I loved that you received feedback from a professional. When my co-leaders and I give talks for Young Life we always try to give each other positive feedback and constructive criticism. I think that practicing out loud is also vital for a successful speech! Thanks for posting this insightful info!


7.  November 6, 2013. Student Post

Loved reading your post! It was set up really well, with bullets, videos, links and short paragraphs. Mary would be proud! In high school I was a dancer, but my brother played about every sport known to man. I grew up in a household that ALWAYS talked about sports and games. I think it is very important for an athlete to brand themselves. In today’s digital world, its nearly impossible not to be on social media. I love that you highlighted the hashtag #1DayToMBA. Thanks for the post!


8. November 6, 2013. Student Post: Lauren

Lauren, thank you for posting this. I had not heard about this before reading your post. Melissa’s House seems like a great organization. It would be really fun and fulfilling to work in PR for a company like this. This post reminded me of the video that they showed at After Dark, where the father pushed the son with the disability all the way to the finish line. I am also not surprised that Lifetime were the ones who produced the film. They always create the tear-jerkers!


9. November 6, 2013. Student Post: Allie

I saw this video. I was completely blown away by how much altering went in to creating an advertisement. It made me sick to my stomach! Luckily, my mother always boosted my confidence as a child. She would see these ads and point out that they are unrealistic and that “I am perfect no matter what I look like.” (SUCH a mom comment!) But, I am thankful for this. I showed some of my housemates the clip and they couldn’t believe it. They assumed that these models were PERFECT, without imperfections. I am glad this video is going viral. I hope that it can spread awareness to young women all over the world. I also hope that men will view this video and realize the expectations that women believe they have to live up to.


10.  November 6, 2013. Friend Post: Chris Williams

Chris, I loved reading this post! Thank you for sharing! This is JUST what I needed to hear today. I think that it is so easy for us to compare ourselves to others, coming to the conclusion that our worth is found in how we look or how much we do. The Gospel truly shows us that we are SWEETLY BROKEN. Its “sweet” because He loves us so much and lavishly pours His grace upon us- day after day. But like you said, its also offensive. If we really believe His word, we will always have to recognize our sinful nature and our need for Him. Thanks again for sharing your insights! Can’t wait for Fall Weekend WC Boos together!



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